Educational Kids Places


Educational Kids Places

Are you in search of one of the lesser known Singaporean educational kids places to bring your child / children in the year 2010?

How you heard about the Singapore nature reserve as an educational kids place to let your kids learn about planet Earth’s biodiversity, flora and fauna. That this nature reserve appreciation walk is a safe, secure yet interesting and educational kids place?

Now that you have arrived in 2010 at Singapore Kids Places blog, let Singapore Kids Places share with you highlights of a nature walk suitable for kids and for your consideration as one of the educational kids places of choice.

This nature appreciation and learning trail is kid-friendly. The walk is conducted without charge.


Lower Peirce Trail,
1st Saturday of every month, 9.30am

The walk is along the boardwalk and is suitable for young children. The guide will introduce you to the common flora and fauna found in our secondary forest. Meet at the Casuarina Entrance of the trail along Old Upper Thomson Road, which is a 2 minutes walk from Casuarina Road, at 9.25am.

2010 dates:
6 Feb, 6 Mar, 3 Apr, 5 Jun, 3 Jul, 7 Aug, 4 Sep, 2 Oct, 6 Nov, 4 Dec

This Lower Peirce Reservoir educational kids place is free to join but prior reservation with National Parks Board is required. The volunteer nature guide will not be able to cope and your learning experience will be affected if the group size is too large.

Please note that dates may change at the last minute without prior notice. Walks may be affected by weather condition, volunteer availability and other factors. Walks may be canceled at any time, at the sole discretion of organizer.


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