Best Singapore Kids Places To Visit


Best Singapore Kids Places To Visit

We present the list of 'Best Singapore Kids Places To Visit' this September 2009 for our readers' interest.

This listing of best Singapore Kids Places to visit is wholly based on our own inclinations. We just want to share it with all our regular readers who follow our Singapore Kids Places site.

These best places in Singapore for kids to visit share one common feature. Admission to these places is totally FREE of charge.

So here goes. The Best Singapore Kids Places To Visit, in no particular order, are:

Marina Barrage

The newest reservoir in Singapore's Marina Bay comes with a huge load of technological wonders that we as parents with young children may not always understand well. What we do appreciate and understand are the kids-friendly water fountains and aquatic-themed children's playground. These kiddy amenities are one of the best water-themed kids' playground that parents with kids can find in Singapore. Two thumbs-up from us!

Pasir Ris Park Playground

We dare say that this gigantic children's playground in the eastern end of Singapore at Pasir Ris neighbourhood is one of the best Singapore kids places to visit. Why? Because where else can you find so many playground features that kids of all ages find irresistibly attractive? Besides, they are just next to a sandy beach with kelongs and a pony riding course within easy walking distance. Not to be missed, when you are in the east!

East Coast Park

This stretch of East Coast Park has a lovely coastline with lots of attractions along its entire length. From roller-blading to cycling, from skate boarding at the new East Coast skate park to water-skiing at the East Coast Lagoon, from BBQ-ing to sand-castle building, this is the most popular beach in Singapore with the widest array of amenities and activities to cater to the most fussy kid (and parents). The most-est and best-est.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

This tranquil landscaped garden with at least 150 years of history holds fond memories for us when we were kids. We remember the picnics, the swans, the walks, the flora and the fauna as kids on outings with family. As we wish to share those wonderful childhood memories with our kids, we like to bring them to the Singapore Botanical Gardens. This beautiful rainforest in the middle of a city is well worth the label of 'Best Singapore Kids Place To Visit'.

There are many other places in Singapore that deserve the 'Best Singapore Kids Places To Visit' title, we shall update you with more places in due course.

We hope you like what we have shared.

(This list of best Singapore Kids Places to visit may be updated at a later date.)

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