Farms For Kids Visit Singapore


Farms For Kids Visit Singapore

Here are some interesting places in our 'Farms For Kids Visit Singapore' post this September 2009 for our readers' interest.

This 'Farms For Kids Visit Singapore' is wholly based on the Kranji Countryside attractions in Singapore.

Singapore has a small countryside in Kranji that is populated by a group of  local  farmers who want to raise awareness of Singapore's rural north-western corner. In urbanized Singapore, we have a Kranji countryside area that doubles as a recreational as well as an educational venue especially for families with kids in Singapore.  

So here are the places that allow kids to be close to farms, nature, horticulture, animals, fishes and all things farm for kids in Singapore. We share 'Farms For Kids Visit Singapore' with all our regular readers who follow our Singapore Kids Places site.

So here goes. Farms for kids to visit in Singapore are:

** Fisheries, aquariums, seafood and fresh fish farm:
For kids and their parents who like to visit farms for kids in Singapore that have to deal with fishes, these are the places in Singapore to consider.

Hausman Marketing Aquarium
Max Koi Farm
Panda Aquatic Center
Qian Hu Corporation
Lucky Fish Farm
Nippon Koi Farm

** Goat Farm
If your kids have never seen live goats in a farm, this goat farm is the one and only place in Singapore to do so.
Hay Diaries

**Frog Farm
This is the only frog farm in Singapore for kids to visit in Singapore. Here you get to see the various life stages of frogs from the the time they hatch from eggs and turn into adult frogs.

Jurong Frog Farm

**Horticulture Farms & other Farms
For a sense of what a farm that contains vegetables, flowers and nurseries is like, these are the farms for kids to visit in Singapore.

Bollywood Veggies
Fireflies Health Farm
Nyee Phoe Group
D'Kranji Farm Resort
Aero Green Technology
Kin Yan Agrotech
Kok Fah Technology
Chong Sin Nam Trading
Farmart Centre
Thow Kwang Industry

There are many other farms for kids to visit in Singapore. We shall update this list with more places in due course.

We hope you like what we have shared.

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