Kids Places To Play, Gardens By The Bay


Kids Places To Play, Gardens By The Bay

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Visitors to Singapore and locals land-locked in Singapore may find a unique out-of-this-country one-of-a-kind kids places to play. Gardens By The Bay is the latest world-class attraction for kids and their parents to investigate the level of play they are willing to pay.

For starters, at Gardens By The Bay (Singapore) there are many free kids places to play. Gardens By The Bay's Bay East Garden is open 24-hours and requires to admission charges. Gardens By The Bay also has a sizeable outdoor Bay South Garden that is open from 5am to 2am daily for free entry to all.

These places offer beautiful pavilions, open lawns, palm trees and flowering shrubs to families looking for kids places to play. Gardens By The Bay provides serenity with breathtaking views of the Convervatories and Supertrees against the Marina Bay skyline.

For a small fee, step into the world's largest columnless greenhouse for kids places to play. Gardens By The Bay is famed for this structure known as the Convervatory that is made of glass that sits on an egg shell-like steel grid.

Witness the 3,332 panels of 42 pieces of spectrally selective glass at the Flower Dome. You and your kids will be amazed by this architectural wonder that looks like a giant puzzle right out of your child's fairytale book.

Experience the chilled air that ventilates the entire Dome through a a series of vents cleverly arranged for maximum coolness. Of course, do not forget to enjoy and learn about the Mediterranean plants and shrubs that thrive in this spectacular flowering Flower Dome.

For another one of the kids places to play, Gardens By The Bay's Supertree Dome is one venue like no other. Bring your kids to walk across the sky between the Supertrees at the Supertree Grove.

Standing up to 16 storeys high, Supertrees are tall vertical gardens that sit on 25- to 50-metre tall structures. These Supertrees have canopies that provide shade in the day and a scintillating display of light and sound after dark.

Singapore's Gardens By The Bay has many other wonderful nooks, crannies, friendly kids places to play. Gardens By The Bay is the newest Singaporean attraction to hit the shores of Singapore. Make sure you bring your family and kids to partake of its amazing kids places to play.

Gardens By The Bay has admission fees and official opening hours for gated areas, so please check out those details before you visit.

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