River Safari For Kids


River Safari For Kids

Thinking of going on a River Safari for kids? Not in Africa but in sunny Singapore?

Now you can jump into a River Safari for kids in Singapore's newest kids-friendly attraction - at Wildlife Reserves Singapore's River Safari.

Unforgettable river-themed adventures with your kids can be built over a day of fun at the River Safari now.

With more than 5000 animals spread around a sizeable area in Mandai of Singapore, expect face-to-face interactions with more animals than you can imagine.

Your kids can learn about the geography of the world when you bring them to areas named after iconic rivers of the world.

Riverine places like the Mississippi River, the Congo River, The River Nile, the Ganges River, the Murray River, the Mekong River, the Yangtze River and even the Amazon River with their unique fauna will provide a visual thrill for the young and the young-at-heart.

Come meet and greet Kai Kai and Jia Jia, two adorable pandas from China at the Giant Panda Forest at the River Safari for kids.

Other features in this River Safari for kids not to be missed include the world's largest freshwater aquarium.

At the River Safari for kids, immerse your kids in the dream-like atmosphere of an Amazonian rainforest - where things get submerged in up to 15-metres of water every year during the rainy season.

Wait no more. Fetch your kids to the River Safari for kids now.


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